Alain Dupetit is the fastest growing men's suit label in the world. We skip the middleman and offer the lowest prices to the public.


listen to the pronunciation of ALAIN DUPETIT HERE 


We are the first brand to sell comfortable classic modern suits for under $100


some of the brands making the exact same suit we make are: calvin klein, ralph loran, banana republic, J crew. but they charge exactly 10X as much for the same thing. 


there’s sells about $300 to $900, ours sells between $50 and $100!  for the same thing! 


they own factories right next to our exact same but a bit smaller factories. they use the exact same machines in those factories. and we let our employees go on vacation for a month when they ask, not sure if they do that. 


they advertise on tv shows we can’t even afford to advertise on anything but a few podcasts. 


we have the same thickness and thread count in our fabrics as the other higher end brands do. and we have the same wool and synthetic blends as they have cuz we buy our fabric from the exact same places in Italy. 


they have retail stores in Manhattan, we have a website that has a picture of Manhattan in the background real small.  


why would anyone want to spend $500 when we have the same thing for under $100?



when you are buying one of our suits you are buying directly from the manufacture, and we barely mark it up at all, so you’re getting them for about 90% less then most other brands.


if you want to give your money away we can give you a list of way better places to give it to then major clothing brands. 


go to OR - and at checkout put in promo code"...." at the check out to support this podcast.