Michael B -  Took the risk and ordered one of your $50 suits?  Must be crap, right?  Wrong.  Fits great - I guess I'm in the 1% who doesn't need tailoring … I did get the 40R rather than the 40L your size chart suggested, and got the fitted jacket I was after.  Pants just needed to be hemmed (as all dress pants do).  There were a couple little threads I needed to trim… if it was a $500 suit, that would be an issue, but as it is, I was happy to trim them.  The suit looks great on me, keep up this quality and you've got a customer for life.  The wool suits…  I'm planning to get one next.


Charles P -  I got my three piece suit that I ordered last week I have to say I cannot believe how fast it got here and how perfect everything fits I am very happy


Rico S - I have one and it fits very well! I got the pants legs hemmed and tapered for more of a custom look because it came without it being hemmed so you can get it down yourself. These suit are awesome!


Unkl T - Last year I bought 5 suits and they were amazing.


Joe S - I took a chance on your suits and I must admit they far exceeded my expectations.


Jeremy G - Love my grey 3 piece. I can't count how many compliments I received in one day.


Chris L - My 2 suits were shipped and they were wonderfully done. I recommend 


Josh U - Got married a little over a month ago and we got all 12 suits from you all. it turned out amazing, having some bigger guys in the group your selection was vital for us, the style of suit fit everyone perfect. Definitely recommending to anyone looking for a suit! Thank you


George S - OMG!!!! My suit came today and it's Gorgeous!!!! The quality is superb down to the hand stitched liner, and it fits like a dream!!! I only have to have the pants hemmed. A little big in the waist but nothing that can't be fixed with a belt. If I wanted I can have the waist taken in but I don't think I will need to. Definitely worth the buy and I will be getting 2 or 3 more in the very near future.  So excited about this beautifully made suit!!!


Julian R - Suits are legit!


Matthew K - I just got my suit this morning!! Very pleased! I will be ordering more suits soon as I stop losing weight. I've already recommended your suits to friends and family


Antonio G -  I ordered two suits and received them today. I'm very happy with them. I bought them 2 pant sizes smaller than what I normally wear because I have them in my closet as my weight loss goals.  I can't wait to wear when they fit, so that I may flex on fools.


Adam D - I’ve just purchased a number of your suits and dress shirts and are extremely pleased. I'm a professional Opera Singer and I always need dress clothes for performing. The suits are so comfortable and affordable.  Perfect for someone like me!


Scott B - I just received one of your suits that I ordered. I am blown away how amazing this looks and feels, when your pricing is cheaper than competitors you think it is too good to be true. I am glad I took a chance as I am quiet impressed!


Anonymous - I have had nothing but great experiences ordering from this company. I've placed about 5 orders over the past year and a half... below is a pic of my dad and I in suits I purchased from here...


Randy B - Lol. Some of y'all love to tear something down because some want to brag about paying more. If I look just as good or better than you for less then I'm going to do it. Plus it's forty friggin dollars. Not even an expensive "risk" if you're concerned. Lol smh


Tyrone G - I’m a radio personality on kocz 92.9fm., a City Councilman for the City of Opelousas, and I work for a United States Congressman. I've order about 15 to 20 suits and love the fit. I've been promoting your suts on Facebook, IG, to my Co-workers, and people I meet. This may not mean anything to whomever receive this email but where i was raised my mom couldn't afford to  buy us shoes, suits, etc.. So i just want to thank you for the great suits, great prices. I will continue to wear your brand and ONLY your brand as I travel the world, do news interviews, attended church, and walk in the community as I help people. 


Donna L - I really love you brand! The prices are extremely affordable, is worn daily by a close friend of mine. This man can "hang" a suit!!! When he walks into a room practically everyone takes notice…


Tiffany P - As some other reviewers have stated, I was worried about the quality for the price of this suit. I was also worried about fit, not being able to have my son try this on. I have to say I was beyond impressed in both categories! The fit is PERFECT! (My son is 13 years old, 5' 8" and 110 lbs. I ordered the smallest size.) The quality is great. The gray color is just what we expected. And it fits like it was made for him!


Chris H - This suit fits perfectly and it's very classy. I don't even need to have it tailored. My grandmother is gonna shorten the pants a little for me since they all are 36 in. length. I called the customer service # for sizing questions before I bought it and the representative called me back within a couple of minutes. They were really helpful. They suit looks like I paid $250 when I only paid a 5th of the price. You can beat it! I want to buy another suit soon.


Anonymous Amazon Customer - Good lord. I did not really expect much when I ordered a suit off of Amazon for under 50 bucks. However, this suit is a hidden gem. It fits better than any store/name brand suits I have purchased in the last several years straight out of the box. It seems very well made and I will probably be ordering 2-3 more to fill out my wardrobe. My favorite thing about this suit is that they did NOT go completely overboard on the shoulder padding. This is not the 80s. I do not need my shoulders to look like I am wearing shoulder pads under my suit. This suit fits the shoulders well, even for a fat guy like me.


Laura F - I got this for my boyfriend without his knowledge and without measuring him and I did a pretty good job. It fits him really well. It's long on him so he has to have it tailored without question but he's short so I knew to expect that. But he looks damn good in them. Plus the suits are sooooo soft! I love how they feel. I also went and just bought more the other day! He loves them and so do i!


Annie - This suit is really nice! It's fits great! I love the material and cut. (I ordered a 46R-which comes in regular fit, not skinny fit.) Great suit, fantastic price, and quick shipping! You've got a customer for life! Thank you!!


Purple R - Purchased June 2016: This is a very nice suit. My husband got the dark grey jacket and pants and they look very nice and professional. The sizes were accurate as described on the website and fit like they are supposed to. The pants and jacket are both made of a nice breathable material which is great in the Florida heat. The pants are long and unhemmed at the bottom which works out great because my husband is tall and sometimes has trouble finding pants that fit right in the length. This product was a personal purchase for my husband, purchased at the normal retail price. I am reviewing it solely because I want to share my experience with other potential customers. I have received no compensation for my review nor do I have any relationship with the seller or manufacturer of this product.


Jordan W - Good quality for the price, will need minor tailoring, nothing too major, just usual take-ins on the sides and sleeves and the pants need to be hemmed. This suit fits me better than my $500 suit from men's wearhouse. Suit i ordered was 1 chest size above what i wear, and it was almost perfect.


WeW - Suit is four stars. What you would expect from a $60 suit. Fits well, decent fabric and weight, nice color, nice buttons. overall good suit for the money. Gave 5 stars for super-responsive customer service. I had delivery issues and customer service responded to me immediately.. Had essentially a real-time email conversation and they fixed it quickly. Will buy from them again and would recommend to everyone. Good product, good customer service - those two things are difficult to find together these days, and AD has done it!


Alan G - Over the years I have owned many suits. When I saw the Alain DuPetit suits on Amazon, I was highly skeptical ... I mean, 57.00? Really? Most $100 suits, in my experience, are junk, it always seemed to me that you had to spend $200 to get anything well made and well tailored. Well, I just received my charcoal and royal suits today, and I have to say they are wonderful. The suit tech material is a very high quality, lightweight synthetic that seems strong and attractive to me. The jacket fits nicely in the shoulders, back and chest, and the arm length is perfect. The pants are made with the same care and attention to detail. Excellent job! This is a very fine product for an extremely low price. Thank you!


Erica M - I purchased this suit for my step dad for father's day. I was a little nervous because he is extremely picky when it comes to suits but for the price I decided to give it a try. He loves the color he said the color is perfect and exactly what he was looking for. I was also nervous that the pants would be too tight. The fit great as well. The quality of the suit is amazing. I am very pleased and have already recommended a few people to order suits for this company.


John B - I am a big man 6'4" 270 lbs.....and these suits are tailored to look slim fitting. I can not tell you the comments I get about the fit of the suit. These are easily 400 suits....it's a newer company so they are offering them CHEAP.....but the suit is anything but that.


Barbara J. - My husband's royal blue Alan Dupetit suit arrived today and impressed me immediately for its tailoring and style. It's a terrific buy that surpasses some famous, more costy brands. The fabric is soft and appears to be quite strong. The jacket (38R) is an excellent fit. And there is enough room for the 32-inch waist to easily be let out to fit his size 33.


Merl - This suit is excellent, it fit great and the material is great, i will be ordering this suit in different color..and can't beat the price


Anonymous Amazon Customer - I flew into Miami for a New Years Eve event and needed a new suit. I decided to take a chance on this because the price was very good. So time to pick a color now, right? Well what comes to mind for Miami. White. I order the suit in all white. It arrives just a few quick days later and fits perfectly. I'm good to go. I pack my bags and leave for Miami. When I arrive at South Beach on that Wednesday afternoon, I immediately feel the need to take a walk down Ocean Drive, and why not put on my new suit. As soon as I put this on, my life changed. I felt like Don Johnson in an episode of Miami Vice. Detective Sonny Crockett is investigation some high end crimes on south beach, hell yeah! People everywhere were looking at me, Spanish girls were saying "hey papi" while others were asking for me autographs and calling me Pitbull. I felt like I owned South Beach. The material kept me cool in the hot sun and is made of very good quality. This suit made me just as happy as my 3 wolf t-shirt and I would recommend this to anyone. I also ordered the haribo sugar free gummy bears and was not as happy with those results. SO Thank you Mr. Alain Dupetit for the wonderful life changing suit at a fantastic price!!!!


Dave - I do not, as a matter of personal policy, give 5 stars to sellers; but this seller really outdid himself. The customer service was impeccable, and the suit itself is lovely and a joy to adorn. I'll buy it again in a heartbeat, and I'll buy it from the seller again in a moment. I am one very satisfied customer!

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